How to navigate in your LODGEA test account for the first time?

Here we explain how to find your way around the LODGEA management console when you log in the first time.

If you log in in for the first time, this is how your start screen of your LODGEA management console looks like.


On the top left corner you see your tenant or account name.


On the top right corner you see your language setting icon


Here you can chose between English and German for the management console´s language.


On the sidebar you will find all the modules we are offering:


Here is an overview of all our modules and a short explanation for you.

 Inventory of accommodations

Manage your inventory of accommodations, their content, policies, rates and availability.


 Storefront and websites

Create and manage your storefront, website, themes, content and booking process.

Before you can access your storefront module you need to apply the recommended domain configuration

 Marketing automation

Connect marketing channels and data feeds to get more bookings and revenue.

Before you can access your marketing automation module you need to apply the recommended domain configuration

Please check this article on how to apply your test domain configuration:

 Bookings and blockchain

As soon as you have a connectivity set and you run your bookings via the LODGEA booking engine, you will have your bookings overview here.


Payment processing 

Payment processing cannot be enabled for your account at this time. Payment processing is generally not available during the free trial period due to regulatory requirements. Please contact the support team to enable payment processing should this not apply to your account.


 Channel connectivity 

Synchronize channel managers, property management systems and many more.


 Help and support

See our guidance in our knowledge base, our YouTube tutorials and documentation or request support from us here.


 Settings and configurations

Manage users, domains, billings and other settings.


 User Profile 

This is an overview of your connected accounts.