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How to use LODGEA with a WordPress website?

We do not offer a direct WordPress plugin. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the LODGEA software as a WordPress user also in the area of searching and booking a property.

If you ask us, we would always recommend linking to the subdomain of the LODGEA software from the page built on Wordpress.
This has significant advantages from a search engine optimization perspective.
The LODGEA software can be used as a "travel website builder" with integrated marketing automation. The focus is clearly on the best technical conditions for online marketing, traffic generation and direct bookings conversion.

If you integrate LODGEA in this way, you can use the software to its full extent and take advantage of the benefits of building content and destination pages and many other aspects. Last but not least, the Google PageSpeed is > 90. With an iFrame integration or similar, this would not be the case.

Here is a customer who  uses a different technology for his website : https://stayfritz.com
and links to our solution under "Discover accommodations"
Likewise another customer uses our software (under "Book a vacation"): https://greentinyhouses.com
Our solution fits also to set up the entire web presence based on LODGEA: https://www.aunaisin.com