How to edit the storefront homepage and add new components.

The LODGEA software provides a maximum range of flexibility with regard to the layout of the storefront homepage (index.html) and all other landing pages ('content pages' and 'destination pages').

No matter if you woul like to set up the layout of your storefront homepage or other landing pages - First choose choose the template for this page or start with a blank page.


Example: Choice 'Homepage'

Chosing the 'Homepage' template the software immediately provides a layout with different types of content components (to be edited). It´s up to you if you leave the set up like this or if you change components by deleting the given ones and chosing new ones.

Information boxes on the right hand side always inform you about the type of component.
Now you just have to add the relevant information and files such as headline, text, image and link (depending on the type of component).

CAUTION: Never forget to press 'save' in between:


If a component requires a 'target of the link' be aware of the fact that you have to set up the page you would like to refer to. How to set up this pages (types of pages: 'destination page' or 'content page') is part of a further knowledge base article.

Adding new content components:

At the end of the page you will find a button "Add new content components":