How to set up a destination page.

There are two different types of pages to set up and to be displayed in your storefront. You can chose from 'content pages' (including the homepage / index.html) and 'destination pages'. This is about how to set up a destination page.

Go to section 'Storefront & Websites' -> 'Content" -> 'Destination'


As soon as you synchronized your inventory / properties the software automatically sets up a geographic hierarchy. This leads to the setting up of a set of search engine suitable 'destinations pages' (from country level to city level), which are initially empty and have to be filled.


As soon as you edited your destination page (Example: Munich / screenshot below) .......

destinationpage_Munich will be able to add a referral link to this destination page (here: 'Kreisefreie Stadt München' ) on another content page (here: 'citiesbavaria.html with content component "'Destination list'):