How to set up a content page.

There are two different types of pages to set up and to be displayed in your storefront. You can chose from 'content pages' (including the homepage / index.html) and 'destination pages'. This is about how to set up a content page.

Go to section 'Storefront & Websites' -> 'Content" -> 'Content'


Then chose '+ create new page' and you will be lead to the following page / input screen.
As both fields are empty, chose a suitable file name of your new content page (here: propertiesbavaria). This is the base for your landing page URL. You can also extend the path and set up a parent folder by using the box "path of the new page". This is not necessary to set up the file name of the new page and to create the link. Creating a parent folder helps to organize content pages under a certain topic (Example: Path of the new page = 'federalstatesgermany' / Filename of the new page = 'properties-bavaria' -> Filename of a further content page under the Folder "Germany" might be ‘properties-schleswigholstein').


After having created the page please select from the given templates (type of chosen template here: 'Homepage') and edit the page with the content components you prefer (here: First content component at the top of the page is 'Stage', link to another page you already set up before might be added here):


If you decide to add a link the top of your content page looks like this:


CAUTION: Please always presss "save" at the top of the page. Otherwise your changes will not be accepted.

NOTE: In case you would like to add links in any kind of content component on your content page you will have to set up the target page before to be able to chose the right target link.