Transactions and transfers

Once a user successfully executes payment and creates a booking, the funds become available in your payment processing account. They can be viewed both in the bookings section within the individual booking as well as the payment processing section in the transaction list.

Payment transactions by your users

If your booking contains a payment, it will also contain the information about the payment and any potential refunds. Each booking with a prepayment also contains a comment that the booking was prepaid. The comment exists to inform any connected system that might not be able to handle prepayments.

Payment information within a booking in your Management Console under:

"Bookings & Blockchain / Booking / Status"

A full list of all transactions, their fees and bookings is available in the payment processing overview. The collected funds in your account will show as total balance on the top. The funds marked as on the way to your bank are the funds that are currently being transferred to your bank account.

List with all payment transactions by month in your Management Console under: 

"Bookings & Blockchain / Bookings / Status"

Transfer of funds to your bank

⚠️ Transfers and pay-out timings may vary

Pay-outs are usually processed on a monthly base after the funds were acquired from the users form of payment. Depending on the risk assessment of each transaction, our payment service provider may withhold a reserve of up to 15% of the transaction until the date of check-in (arrival date).

You can see a list of processed transfers to your bank account in the bank transfers (Payment Processing / Direct Payment Account / Bank Transfers) section. Under Payment Processing / Direct Payment Account / Transactions you will see all relevant transactions / payments referred to successful bookings and payments). All transfers show the bookings and transactions they are linked to. You can export a CSV-file for any import into your ERP or accounting systems. The CSV export will also contain the payment fees that were deducted from the transactions and thus are not transferred to your bank account. You will recieve an invoice for the charges alongside your regular invoices.