What are the charges and fees for payment processing?

Payment charges vary based on your business' location, your customers' location and the payment types.

✅ Comparing payment fees

Please remember that payment processing for reservation services and accommodation booking is often charged a premium due to the risky nature of the business and the level of fraud that is usually associated with it. LODGEA further provides a fully integrated and fully automated payment service solution that covers the full transaction processing including cancellation handling. LODGEA further manages your payment service provider accounts and provides an integrated solution that ensures your funds are properly secured and transferred in a timely manner. When comparing payment fees and charges, ensure to compare the fees and charges that apply to hotels and vacation rentals and not the standard retail rates.

The payment fees include a variety of charges that are incurred during the transaction processing. These include application fees, payment processing fees, network charges and other charges that the payment processor, the payment service provider and the banks agreed upon. The pricing on this page is indicative and may change over time, depending on the contracts between payment providers, payment processors, acquirers and card issuing banks or payment service providers.

Payment fees also vary depending on the location of your company, business or organisation and the location of your users. Companies in Australia f.e. pay lower charges on Australian credit cards as companies outside of Australia. The same applies to EU companies charging EU cards. Hence, the charges for a MasterCard transaction will differ based on the actual MasterCard used.

Pricing with payment fees

⚠️ Excluded payment fees are illegal in many countries

While it may seem reasonable to exclude payment fees from your pricing and charge a separate fee, we highly discourage you to do so. You should include the payment fees in your business' calculation as much as you include any other fees and charges your business incurrs. You should also focus on providing the payment methods your customers prefer and not only those that provide the lowest fees.

Payment methods such das Apple Pay, Giropay and American Express have a significant positive impact on the conversion rate on your booking path. Meaning that the more payment methods you offer, the more customers are willing to book on your site. We recommend you calculate a fee of around 5% to cover all eventualities that come with payment processing, including non refunded payment fees for cancelled bookings and their refunds. You should offer the payment methods your customers prefer, not the ones with the lowest price. Leave the choice of payment method to your customers.

▶️ Payment fee discounts for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions

Fees for customers with a PROFESSIONAL subscription come with a 0.5 percentage point discount compared to the charges listed here (e.g. 3.4% for international cards insteads of 3.9%). Contact the support team if you wish to learn more about the payment fees in the various subscriptions. ENTERPRISE customers may be entitled to additional discounts, depending on the contracted volume.

Credit and debit card fees

Location of your business Domestic cards (approx.) International cards (approx.)
Australia 2.75% 3.9%
Canada 3.9% 3.9%
European Union 2.4% 3.9%
New Zealand 3.9% 3.9%
Norway 3.4% 3.9%
Sweden 2.4% 3.9%
Switzerland 3.9% 3.9%
United Kingdom 2.4% 3.9%
United States 3.9%


▶️ Apple Pay and Google Pay charges

The charges for Apple Pay and Google Pay are identifcal to the credit card charges and are based on whether the Apple Pay or Google Pay account uses a domestic or an international card. The processing of both Apple Pay and Google Pay is identical to regular card processing.

SEPA direct debit fees

A charge of approx. €7.50, $10, CHF 10 or A$12 respectively is charged for any disputed SEPA direct debit payment. We highly recommend you review the applicability of SEPA direct debit payments for your business. Consider using Giropay, iDEAL, Bancontact, Przelewy24 and Sofort as an alternative to SEPA direct debit payments.

Location of your business Approx. fees
Australia 1.8%
Canada 1.8%
European Union 1.1%
New Zealand 1.8%
Norway 1.1%
Sweden 1.1%
Switzerland 1.1%
United Kingdom 1.1%
United States 1.8%

Local payments fees

The fees for local payments are roughly the same across the globe, hence the approximate fees are listed are as applicable to all jurisdictions that can use the integrated payment services.

Payment method Approx. fees
Bancontact 2.4%
EPS 2.6%
Giropay 2.4%
iDEAL 1.1%
Przelewy24 3.2%
Sofort 2.4%

Currency conversion fees

Your payment processing account will be set up in the currency applicable to the country your business, company or organisation resides in. You can view the currency in the payment processing section. Within the storefront, you can define additional currency for the user/customer to select. If your user/customer pays in a different currency than the one of your payment processing account, an additional 2% charge applies to the transaction.