Cancellations and refunds

If a booking is cancelled and a payment method was processed through the payment processing, the cancellation charge is calculated based on the provided cancellation policies. The cancellation charges are then deducted and any remaining amount is refunded to the provided form of payment. If the cancellation charge is 100%, no refund is issued and the payment transaction remains untouched.

Automatic refunds and cancellation charges

Any refunds can be viewed both in the transaction overview in the payment processing section as well as the individual booking or reservation. A cancellation and thus a refund can be executed through the Management Console, by your connected system or by the users itself. The reservation or booking view also lists the cancellation deadlines and their corresponding charges.


A cancelled booking with a refund


⚠️ Payment fees are not refunded

The fees charged for the payment services (e.g. credit card fees) are not refunded by the banks or the payment service provider. The refund of the transaction itself is free of charge. If a users however is entitled to free cancellation and thus a 100% refund, the charges for the initial payment are still deducted from your account. If your account does not have sufficient balance, the charges will be deducted from the next transactions. If your account does not have sufficient funds within a specific timeframe, we may contact you to resolve any outstanding payments.