Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager integration is comparable to the Google Analytics integration. The Tag Manager tag is executed on every page and also tracks the corresponding events, including transactions and E-commerce events. The integration with the Google Tag Manager allows you to integrate 3rd party tags into your site and extend the marketing automation yourself.

⚠️ Use Google Analytics without the Google Tag Manager

We recommend that you use our Google Analytics integration directly as it provides the safest integration with Google Analytics and is tested to perform as desired. Although Google might recommend using Tag Manager for Google Analytics, we recommend to use our direct integration. By using Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager you would have to map all the E-commerce events yourself within the Google Tag Manager.

⚠️ Only use Google Tag Manager when you are absolutely sure

Using Google Tag Manager carelessly can crash your site, harm your customers data and degrade the commercial and technical performance of your site. We recommend only using Google Tag Manager if you are absolutely sure why and how you want to use it. If you have tracking data that is not currently integrated automatically, contact the support or your account manager to check if an automatic integration is possible.

Support events and variables

The Tag Manager integration supports a number of events and variables that are similar to those tracked by Google Analytics. You can handle these events in Google Tag Manager and associated your own tags with those. The following events show the JSON data that is pushed into the data layer of the configured Google Tag Manager container.

Availability search event

This event is raised when the user executed a search in the location search within the main search engine. The event is triggered whenever a search is executed, including subsequent searches or changes in the search parameters.